What is Project Management for Youth? (PM4Y™)

PM4Y™ is a program that teaches participating students the skills they will need to be successful in an increasingly project-oriented world. Students work in teams to learn the basics of Project Management while exploring relevant, real-world problems and developing sustainable solutions through the planning and executing of a real-world project.

PM4Y™ Curriculum

The PM4Y™ program offers connectivity between classroom concepts and hands-on application to provide students with the 21st Century skills they need to further their educational and/or career pursuits. Each lesson of the Project Based Learning curriculum is designed to reinforce the basic and advanced project management and leadership skills used by leaders and business professionals every day. Throughout the program students enhance their use of public speaking, leadership dynamics, collaboration, communication, and organizational skills. Students work in teams to explore relevant real-world challenges, issues, and solutions culminating in a final presentation to share what they have learned.



The PM4Y™ curriculum has been designed for, and delivered to, middle school and high school students. However, the program can be tailored for younger or older audiences.


Each organization can determine how to deliver the program’s 15+ hours of content. For example, the sessions could be divided into weekly 45-minute classes during a semester, or as a daily 3-hour class during the first week of school.

Learning Approach

In addition to classroom learning, this unique program provides the opportunity for students to develop both conceptual understanding and procedural fluency through the creation and completion of a real-world project for their school or community from start to finish. The students could also earn community service hours for their work on the project and contributions to the school community.


Arrowhead Consulting strongly believes in preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s challenges and in a continuous effort to give back to the community, Arrowhead is pleased to provide the PM4Y™ course content at no charge to participating organizations.


Individuals interested in facilitating this program can attend this $249 1-day training session (typically over the summer), where they learn the PM4Y™ curriculum and gain best practices for how to facilitate the content. In addition, participants will earn 8 continuing education units (CEUs) or professional development units (PDUs).


Completion of the PM4Y™ curriculum can be used towards the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) program offered by the Project Management Institute. This valuable certification can be a strong differentiating factor for students beginning their careers or applying to competitive academic programs.

Download Sample Curriculum

Projects are all around us, and the ability to successfully execute them is crucial to the twenty-first-century career. Download a free sample of our PM4Y™ curriculum below.

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